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Is Mineral Makeup Good For You? ~ Dr. Wendy (Part 1)

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Is Mineral Makeup Good For You?

As a good number of us are getting a tad more conscious of various aspects of our health and wellbeing,  the ingredients in the makeup we put on our faces should not be part of the revolution. In addition to the foods we eat, our levels of physical activity, the products we put on our hair and bodies and so on,


Imagine makeup that's not only free from ingredients that can be harmful to your skin but also provides added protection while enhancing your beauty and concealing any little bits of imperfection you may have. Well, you don't have to imagine because it exists! It’s Mineral makeup!


Mineral makeup is all the rage now and for all the right reasons too. It’s safe; it’s natural, free from harmful and artificial ingredients; and so much more. It’s not just what it contains that makes it so desirable but more of what it doesn't contain. No chemical dyes or preservatives; no artificial colours, oils or perfumes, all of which are known to clog the pores thereby causing various forms of skin irritation or inflammation. The benefits are limitless, and it lives up to the hype.


Although mineral makeup has been around for decades, dating back to the 1800s as was used by ancient cultures, the demand has spiked consistently in recent years with more uncovered benefits. Mineral makeup is regularly recommended by Dermatologists, especially for sensitive skin types, mainly due to its lack of skin-irritating ingredients and its skin calming effects.


So is mineral makeup worth it?
We’ll say a big yes and these are some of the reasons why:

Skin loving ingredients:
Mineral makeup is a unique blend of mostly zinc oxide, iron oxide, mica and titanium dioxide, all of which have added benefits for the skin.

Zinc oxide
isn’t just an organic sunscreen but also has calming, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects on the skin. It is active 
in many nappy rash products and so if it’s safe for baby’s very delicate skin, then it’s safe for adults.

oxide also confers sun protection as well as anti-inflammatory benefits. In addition to this, it reflects light, which is helpful in making those tiny little bits of flaws on the skin less visible.

has a shimmery effect and so gives you that
subtle natural glow we all love.

Iron oxide
what gives the makeup its pigment, ensuring you have the perfect shade of makeup to match your rich skin tone.


Hypoallergenic ingredients:
As mineral makeup mostly contains no elements of talc, chemical dyes, chemical binders and preservatives, and less likely to irritate your skin than regular makeup

Suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin:

Its lack of harsh ingredients makes it suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types. It is non-comedogenic and so is inevitably incapable of clogging pores and causing or exacerbating breakouts.


Suitable for use with existing skin conditions and problematic skin types:

Dermatologists very often recommend mineral makeup to patients with problematic skin types as well as those with existing skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and rosacea. Its unique mix of ingredients such as zinc oxide, titanium oxide, and iron oxides work together to provide anti-inflammatory and skin-calming benefits making it suitable for these skin types. It is also beneficial for use after harsh skin treatments such as chemical peels, exfoliation and so much more. Mineral makeup will effectively conceal and correct any evidence of low or high pigmentation and redness without doing any further harm to the skin.


Dr. Wendy Evans-Uhegbu


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