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How to find your perfect foundation shade...

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Finding your perfect foundation shade match can seem like a struggle, but Mo’Mineral Makeup can help you!

Our foundation shades are categorized into four groups, Light Tan, Medium Tan, Dark Tan, and Deep Tan. The shades are specially formulated to beautifully match dark and ‘melanin-rich’ skin tones. 

Browse our website to see images of women wearing our shades to determine which group will contain your match.

Purchase one of our sample sets from your chosen category using our website. (Our sample sets are £5.00 and also contain a sample shade of your choice from our array of gorgeous mineral blush colours).

Set out your sample pots on a flat surface in the same order that you intend to apply the swatches. This step is important for when you refer back to the samples later.

Using a cotton bud or a small brush, apply three separate and distinct stripes of the foundation, one for each shade, across your cheek and jawline. Make sure the length of the stripes include your neck, as your perfect foundation shade should blend harmoniously into both your face and neck. Overall, with foundation your face and neck shouldn’t appear to have two distinctly different shades – they should match.

See the photo below for an example.

 Momineral Foundation Stripe Test

Leave the foundation swatches for a few minutes, to allow your skin to warm the product.

Taking a mirror with you, stand in the most natural, neutral lighting you can find and study the swatches. One of the shades will appear to have blended the most with your skin tone, and the undertones of the powder will match with those present in your skin. This is your foundation shade.

Refer back to the sample pots you have laid out in a specific order. Look at the bottom of the sample pot that corresponds with the swatch to discover the name of your foundation shade.

See how the shade in the middle has warm undertones and has already begun to blend nicely into the skin.
MoMineral Foundation Stripe 2

Did you know? Each of our foundation shades has a name that means ‘beauty’ in a different language, representing the individualized beauty that is unique to each and every one of us.

After discovering your foundation shade, you may purchase a full sized version via our website. We also have a special Super Kabuki Brush that can be bought with our foundation, specifically designed to make foundation application very quick and easy! Stay tuned for a foundation application tutorial coming soon on our blog.

Alternatively, you can visit our store outlet in person to receive a free foundation match from our professional makeup artist.

Our store is located on 62, Osmaston Road, Derby, DE1 2HZ and is open from Monday – Saturday, 10 am – 4 pm.

MoMineral UK Model Look

Now that you have discovered the shade that matches your skin tone, we hope that our foundation has helped to encourage a more confident, empowered version of yourself. Why not take a selfie? We would love to see a snap of you smiling and feeling beautiful.

Tag your posted selfies with #MoMineralMakeup and #LoveYourSkin for the chance to be featured on our social media!

We hope to see you soon!

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