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About Us

*Natural Makeup *Natural & Organic Skin care *Natural &Organic Haircare and *Men Grooming Product Manufacturer

We are a UK manufacturer and supplier of premium cosmetics made exclusively from carefully selected natural and organic ingredients aimed to provide excellent skin compatible and highly efficient results.

Inspired by the inadequacies of the cosmetic market to adopt inclusive clean beauty, we pride ourselves as being at the forefront of supplying healthy and complexion-perfect colour cosmetics made from natural ingredients for Tan to Deep skin tones.

With 25 shades of natural foundation makeup (loose, pressed, cream) for Fair to Deep skin tones, we celebrate beauty in all shades and age regardless of geographical location or lifestyle.

Our makeup range is designed to be a part of skin care regimen focused to even out the skin tone, provide nourishment and protection while enhancing natural facial features. 

Made with long lasting, vibrant, non-comedogenic and non-hypoallergenic ingredients which makes them suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Our Natural and Organic Skincare range under the MoCare (More Care) brand are known to promote healthy skin glow by improving skin’s elasticity, combat dryness and itchy skin while reversing the effects of free radicals and premature ageing.

The MoCare Hair care range is infused with herbs, oils and other ingredients high in silica, vitamins and essential nutrients that promote hair growth, luminous shine, moisture while nourishing, repairing and strengthening hair roots, scalps and edges. A reliable treatment for dry, damaged and frizzy hair.

Our premium men grooming range (More for Men) provide growth and bump free treatment for beard with the use of herbs, oil, waxes and butters that gives a firm hold and control for kinky and curly beards

All our products are manufactured in Derby, England, in compliance with the EU cosmetic standard whilst following good manufacturing practises from concept to delivery with the use of safe and non-hypoallergenic ingredients.

Made in UK
Tested only on human
GMO free
Vegan Products* 
except the Beard Balm which uses beeswax