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Let your skin breathe

Posted by MoMineral UK on

My name is Aarinola.

want to talk about my makeup (not that I use it all the time) but recently read about the guy that was suing his wife because of her makeup, I just can’t help it. The bride’s face before and after is unbelievable that someone who spoke on behalf of the man said that when he woke up and saw she had washed her makeup, he was frightened as he thought she was a thief.

All the products I have ever used have been recommended by my friend (Omolara Tayo-Sobajo). I entrusted her with it because that is her area of specialty. I saw a lady at the shopping centre one day, and the heaviness of her makeup is a killer, there is no way her skin will be able to breathe because all the pores were completely blocked (looked like when you fill a bowl with clay soil, add a little water and rub it heavily on the face). The kind where your spouse must not accidentally bump into them and their shirts get stained (they have to go to a dry cleaner straight away or go to a shop to buy a brand new one because it is not something a wet tissue can clean).

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I do not need all the blackheads on my face to be completely covered up or look flawless with makeup because when I clean my face at the end of the day the real, me is still staring right at me in the mirror. Omolara told me able mineral makeup for dark skin. I do not know anything about it, but I went online and read about it. Then she went a step further, did her research and came up with Momineral Makeup UK.

As she is my beauty consultant, I did not hesitate to get it, and I am not regretting my decision. I have received compliments, and my face looks like me. It’s a product I would recommend for coloured ladies because it was made with them and their health in mind.

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Thamesmead, London. UK


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